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Cove Prelude wakesurfing boards on epoxy drying rack

My interest in wakesurfing began in the early 2000s, when I occasionally needed a break from wakeboarding, or when the Midwestern lake water was too choppy to work on my tricks. Before the wakeboard companies started selling compression molded wakesurfers, I made do with the shortest surfboard I could find. In those days, in order to make the biggest wake possible in my father’s direct drive, I loaded a heavy cooler and my biggest friends into the corner of the boat. Not enough friends that day? No wakesurfing for me. A lot has changed since then, with readily available boats, boards, and ropes made specifically for wakesurfing. Though this equipment has revolutionized the sport, there continues to be a need for better and more versatile boards.

Wakesurfers are generally built in one of two ways, either by compression mold or by hand. Compression molded boards are built like most wakeboards in that they are heavier, less buoyant and, as a result, generally underperform. Hand-laid construction allows for wakesurfers that are similar to traditional surfboards, which can be great for experienced riders, but may be less durable, don’t fit in standard board racks, and come at a premium price. Because of these limitations, I wanted to create boards that perform well, are strong enough for a boating environment, fit in standard board racks, and will not cost you a month’s rent.

After trying out several board styles and doing a lot of research, it became clear that skim style boards have a lot to offer a rider. They perform very well on different size wakes and provide for easy skill progression. They are versatile and fun. Cove’s first board, the Prelude, has an easily controllable skim shape with progressively rounded edges and an adjustable fin system, allowing riders at all abilities to get the most out of this board. By utilizing a construction process that removes the excess epoxy resin from the fiberglass wrapped EPS foam core, the Prelude is both strong and lightweight. Additionally, while wax works great in the ocean to keep your feet from slipping, it is too messy for a boat. To solve this problem, Cove Wakesurfers have open cell foam grip with a raised kick tail and an arch support to provide clean, comfortable, long lasting traction. Cove Wakesurfers are fun to ride, lend themselves well to learning new tricks, and are designed specifically for the pragmatics of boat life. Ask your local proshop about us, or visit our online store to get yourself on one this summer. From one wakesurfer to another, I hope you enjoy the ride.

  • Robert Coyle

    Owner, Cove Wakesurfers

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  • Travis says:

    I have had the chance to ride all types of wakesurffers , and the cove is by far the best riding board I have chance to ride. I tried it out on a buddy of mines boat and the next week I bought one for my boat. Don’t waste your hard earned money on those high dollar boards! Just by a cove board, I promise it’s the only board you will want to ride. 

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